The Knotty Pot is my creation of an art craft business to serve as a way for me to combine all of my skills together. I taught myself Macrame as a child, went to school for Photography and became an educator in alternative photo historic processes, and now I continue my creative journey into pottery. 

I am selling macrame hangers, hangings, pots, mugs, plates, earrings, and anything I feel like making! I love taking on new projects, please reach out if you have any special commissions I could take a whack at!

About me

My name is Christi Wiltenburg 

I am a macrame and photo artist now venturing into pottery!

I was born in Michigan to Mary Christi Wiltenburg. She was a crafty little angel always trying to help others. She loved children, she loved animals, she loved taking pictures of everyone and every memory. As I got older and looked through her pictures after her passing, I realized my composition and eye was far more influenced by her than I ever realized. She instilled in me the love of craft and being a crafter, making things with my hands. I live for her everyday.

I went to college at Grand Valley State University and kind of fell into photography naturally. That path led me to New Mexico and historic photographic processes after an Internship with Bostick & Sullivan - a historic photographic material supply/educational resource.  I worked for them for 5 years after graduating with a BA in photography, went back into waitressing for a little bit before managing a cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque for over a year after covid. 

Now in 2023, I am making a big effort into being a full time Artist. I'm excited to see where this new chapter takes me!